The pieces are now available on ebay!

Zombie Puppy

Zombie Puppy

We finally have some (but not all) of the pieces available to purchase on ebay!! You have 6 days left and they will be gone forever! 100% of the proceeds will go to What’s Up Dog LA.

This is also an opportunity for out of state folks and people who couldn’t make it to the show to get their hands on a piece! Spread the word!

“Heaven” by Paul Robertson

“Sit, Kratos, Sit. Good Dog.” by Brian Campbell

“Megaman X Rush” by Bobby O’Herlihy

“The Good Neighbor” by Aaron Jasinski

“Ah Come On! Seriously?” by Brian Rubenacker

“Batdog Takes on Arkham” by Mike Bell

“Paperboy Vs. Dog” by Christopher Capili

“Call of the Wild” by Kelly Hobby-Bishop

“Backyard Good and Evil” by Megan Levens

“Megaman’s Best Friend” by Jared Schorr

“We’re Pirates! The Terror of the Seas” by Ikumi Moriya

“Sonic’s Fun Run” by Sandra Fremgen

“You Missed” by Melody Severns

“Boss Fight: Puppies Vs. Squirrelbot” by Liz Adams

“BFFs” by Ky Bui

“Walking Mira” by Kinuko

Print Only

“Zombie Puppy” by Samuel Ho (4 of 10) SOLD

“Zombie Puppy”  by Samuel Ho (5 of 10) SOLD

“Zombie Puppy”  by Samuel Ho (6 of 10) SOLD

“Zombie Puppy”  by Samuel Ho (7 of 10)

“Zombie Puppy”  by Samuel Ho (8 of 10)

“Zombie Puppy”  by Samuel Ho (9 of 10)

“Mochi 47” by Brian Rubenacker A

“Mochi 47” by Brian Rubenacker B

“Mochi 47” by Brian Rubenacker C

“Mochi 47” by Brian Rubenacker D

Press Paws Event Recap Video!

It’s almost been 1 month since Press Paws! Where has the time gone? Here is an event recap made by our friend Raio Mitsuno.

Last month, my friends held a charity art show called Press Paws, which they founded with the mission to save animals with the power of art and video games. The event was a big success, with lots of people coming out and having a great time. I was asked to shoot the event, and later asked to put together a recap video. There was a lot more to the event than what is captured in these two minutes, but at the very least, I wanted to show how much fun this event was.

Image Design by Paul Robertson (
Opening Animation by Ryan Haines (
Music: “Helix Nebula” by Anamanaguchi (




Press Paws is proud to announce that the show was an absolute success! We were able to raise over $7000 for What’s up Dog in  just one day! That doesn’t even include the money we raised to put on the show through Indiegogo!

We will be making some of the art pieces available to purchase online therefore you will still have a chance to contribute so stay tuned!

You can also buy these 2 prints through Nucleus and a portion of the proceeds will go to What’s Up Dog!



The entire 6 hours we were open, there were constantly many people attending so it was really overwhelming to see and know how much love and support we had from our fans!

Thank you so much to everyone for making this happen!

FINAL PREVIEW – Paul Robertson



Today we are previewing the final piece before the show. Still on the edge about coming or not? Well we hope this piece will tip you over the edge!

A Press Paws Exclusive piece by Paul Robertson called “Heaven”. I know… it’s just too much right! Well come on down Saturday for your chance to purchase this piece!

Press Paws is less than 24hrs away. Are you all ready???


If you can’t make it – don’t worry! We will be live tweeting and Facebook-ing as well as going live with our online Gallery revealing all the pieces!

PRESS PAWS – Saturday February 9th 2012 at 2pm- 8pm!


UPDATE! Art Purchase Information




  • The show will take place at Gallery Nucleus on Saturday February 9th from 2pm – 8pm
  • The show is ONE DAY only!
  • There will be no online sales. You must come in person to purchase.
  • The art will be sold FIRST COME FIRST SERVE. If there is a specific piece you want to buy, we would recommend you come at 2pm.
  • Free giveaway while supplies last at the door courtesy of AKSYS games
  • Pet adoption with What’s Up Dog! LA
  • Seoul Sausage food truck will be parked up front for you to get your eat on. Check out their site for their menu and pricing.
  • Free beverages at the Operation Smoochy Lounge while supplies last
  • Demo the game Operation Smoochy with Special Guest Smoochy himself!
  • Merchandise Sales – Press Paws Goods, Meat Bun Shirts, and Lacey Micallef Pins and Rings
  • Raffle giveaway every hour


  • Preferred Method – Cash
  • Secondary Method – Debit or Credit Cards (The card reader charges a fee, which means less for the animals!)


  • Artwork will have a “Buy It Now” price where you can secure your purchase immediately or you can take your chance at bidding through our silent auction.
  • Once someone makes a “Buy It Now”, the bids will be considered “lost”.
  • Silent Auction will allow everyone a fair chance at the piece for a lower price. You will let a Press Paws representative know your highest bid and will be notified after the event  if you are the winner.


  • Artwork will not be available to take home until 7:45pm on the night of the event.
  • If you are unable to take your purchase home with you on the day of, we can either arrange for it to be shipped to you (shipping charges will apply) OR you can pick it up free of charge from Nucleus at a later time


  • You may purchase raffle tickets for a chance to win prizes hourly.
  • Merchandise Sales
  • Donations
  • Indiegogo
  • Purchase Paul Robertson’s Print of BARK BARK BARK through Nucleus
  • Purchase Teagan White’s Print of MAMMAL’s MASK through Nucleus


  • We’re sorry we couldn’t make this show more accessible to everyone!! We are a very small group and this time around it was beyond our resources to set up an all-inclusive online bidding/purchase system. We really appreciate your understanding and support regardless, and hope to be able to make things more accessible down the road as we work to try and make this show into an annual event.
  • We are currently still looking at options to make some of these originals available as prints. We will keep you posted on this as we get closer to coming up with a solution.Thank you very much for understanding!

Attack of the Smash Face!

Attack of the Smash FaceSome you may have seen and some are fresh from the batch! This is dedicated to the Boston Terrier and Frenchie lovers!

Want to see more smash face art (There are certainly more!)? Well you are going to have to just come and see for yourself on Saturday!

Also special guest Smoochy the Boston Terrier from Operation Smoochy will be there to demo the game personally! He will be waiting for your with huggles and kisses in the Operation Smoochy Lounge!


Want the game? It’s only $0.99 and super addicting! Check it out!




We are nearing the last of our previews!! We have so much more to show but good news!! You can see them all at Gallery Nucleus THIS SATURDAY at 2pm – 8pm!! We can’t spoil all the fun before the show 🙂

Today’s preview is Amales! Many of you may have seen her work before but if you haven’t check out this Kotaku article on her here! Mind blowing! Only she can make a ferret look so sexy!

This piece along with most of the exclusive and original paintings will only be available to purchase at the event site and will not be available online.

Come down Saturday if you want to get your hands on these pieces!!!

Why did we start Press Paws?

After 6 months of non-stop planning, Press Paws is finally happening! As we have mentioned before, we are absolutely overwhelmed with the amount of love and support we have received from all the artists, the fans, friends and family. Many people have told us, “Video Games, Animals, Art, Charity? This is the formula for AWESOME!” All the hardship we went through to get here has been absolutely worth it because of everyone’s enthusiasm.

My name is Sakura Minamida, one of the founders of Press Paws and I wanted to share a little story with you on why we started Press Paws in the first place. I can sit here and talk about all the details on who we are, what relevance we have in the gaming industry, how we got started, the planning process, what’s our favorite game, etc, but that is not the core of the project.  Amelia, Amber, Laurie and I all have many different reasons on why Press Paws is important to us. But ultimately, it really came down to one thing:

The animals.

I have 2 kids – Rambo is a Boston Terrier who is 5 and Halo a Boston Terrier mix that is turning 4 this July. They mean the world to me and my husband. They have been through all the curve balls life throws at you and brought me and my husband closer than ever. Call it corny if you will but they are our guardian angels.

Rambo is the first child and when I met him, it was love at first sight but I will admit – I was an absolutely ignorant pet buyer – I bought him from a pet shop. Although I will never regret this decision because Rambo means absolutely everything to me, I learned quickly first hand the downfall of purchasing from a pet store. He came home with Giardia that didn’t clear his system for months, was in and out of the hospital over the first 6 months,  and even grew a tumor by the time he was 1 years old. The pet store’s response to all this was to exchange him for a new one like something disposable. Watching my pup suffer his first year and how little care they had for these animals crushed me. This was when I declared war on Pet Stores forever.

The very fact that dogs in shelters and rescues get passed up to put money in the wallets of these corporations who uses puppy mills sickened me to the core. I aggressively started researching about rescues which I should have done earlier and committed to rescuing the next pup I get.


Then came Halo, a Boston Terrier Mix from a rescue called Smashface Rescue. Kyle from Smashface told me that Halo was abandoned 3 times before she hit the age of 5 months. Halo’s latest parents got a divorce so they no longer wanted her. I never understood this – why would one do this to their own child? Halo had 3 names in the past: Lil’Kim (yes really), Keiko, then Ladybug. She had major trust issues. It took her about 2 years to really trust us and was completely independent because I truly believe she thought we wouldn’t keep her around so she didn’t want to get attached. Now that we have gained her trust she cuddles and kisses us every moment she gets and always follows my husband getting ready every morning before he heads to work like a little shadow. All the hardship was worth it when we gained her full trust.


Getting a dog from a rescue is extremely rewarding and I will not down play the fact that it can sometimes be challenging working with a dog that has emotional scars, but the reward is worth it! Many dogs in rescues have experienced much much worse and more traumatic experiences that we can’t even fathom and makes me question the human race. But these dogs – regardless of how much they go through they have such optimism in their eyes. It has that sparkle that they will eventually get their happy ending. It kills me that many are not so lucky.

These rescues are the unsung heroes. They give these animals that have been treated like “trash”, “target for abuse”, or “an old fad” and spend 24/7 of their lives to find the right family who will not discard them like their last owners did. If it wasn’t for the dedicated efforts of rescues like What’s Up Dog LA and Smashface Rescue, Halo the most sweetest and quirkiest pup I have ever met  may have been taken to a pound and euthanized like millions do every year. Our vet always refers to Halo as the “lucky princess”.

Fast forward to 2012, the pet store I bought Rambo from has all been shut down. More people are educated about rescuing animals but it’s far from over. I still wanted to find my part in what I can do to help these animals. I wanted to use the tools I knew the most to help these animals.


I’ve been in the video game industry for over 10 years now. As a fan – all my life. I also had a gut instinct that the video game community was the right people to reach out to because some of the most amazing and influential people I have met have been from the gaming industry. You guys all proved me right 🙂 I am hoping we can continue to grow Press Paws so we can do this every year and make a bigger impact!

Press Paws is one day. The rescues – they do this every day. Let’s show what us gamers can do!


THANK YOU ALL!! You guys are the best!

Sakura Minamida                                                                                                                 Co-Founder of Press Paws

PREVIEW: Daisuke “Pixel” Amaya

Doubutsu Monogatari (Animal Story)

Doubutsu Monogatari (Animal Story)

We have some exciting news for you today!

Acclaimed indie developer Daisuke “Pixel” Amaya of “Cave Story” created an exclusive piece for Press Paws! He recreated his heroes from “Cave Story” into pup pup heroes! This piece is called “Doubutsu Monogatari” (Animal Story) and is a 1 of 1 print on canvas that will be available for sale this Saturday! Want a chance to call dibs on this piece? You can claim the Indiegogo perk to get a first look on all the available pieces and 2nd dibs on a piece!

Daisuke Amaya is the award winning creator and designer of the beloved video game, Cave Story. Affectionately known as Pixel to his fans, Daisuke spent over five years to single-handedly develop the sprawling action-platformer. His partnership with developer and publisher, Nicalis, Inc., was announced in late 2008, with a 2010 release of a remastered Cave Story on Wii and DSi as well as the  Nintendo 3DS.

 Since the release of Cave Story, Pixel has co-developed and collaborated with Nicalis on various projects, such as Ikachan and Guxt, as well as developed new games independently. Daisuke graduated from HAL College of Technology & Design in 2000 and is currently developing with Nicalis, Inc. on various platforms.

Press Paws is this weekend and we still have a few tricks up our sleeve this week so stay tuned to our blog all week long!


We have 8 days left till the show and things are all starting to come together!! This also means you ONLY HAVE 8 DAYS LEFT to contribute to Indiegogo as well! We are sold out on the 1st dibs to the art but we opened up another perk to get 2nd dibs on the art! You will get early access to all the pieces before everyone and it will also allow you to purchase something if you are out of town!

Please remember!  Any contributions made now will go straight to the What’s Up Dog LA!

We were recently featured in an article from Penny Arcade! We revealed 3 exclusive pieces during that interview. You can read the article here!

Spread the word! It’s countdown time!


“Backyard Good and Evil” by Megan Levens


“Copper” by Charles Santoso


“That’s no ordinary dog” by Jennifer Strichart