Meet the Furry Stars!

WUDLADOGThis last weekend, we got to meet these 8 most sweetest and most loving animals we have ever met. When we heard some of their stories – what people say are true, animals are the most forgiving and regardless of what has happened to them in the past,  you look into their eyes and they are just beaming with optimism.

This is exactly why Press Paws was formed. To give these animals the 2nd chances they deserve.

Not only do we want to raise money for these rescues that give these animals second chances – we want to find these pups forever homes. We all wanted to take them home after we met them!

SUPER COMBO THANKS to Lisa Scarci for these beautiful geek photos!

If you are interested in giving one of them a forever home (you already know you have video games in common), please contact WUDLA  HERE.

Want to help in other ways? We have also hit our goal on our Indiegogo Campaign so anything moving forward will be donated to What’s Up Dog LA!

Spreading the word would also be appreciated 🙂


The Press Paws Team