PREVIEW: Daisuke “Pixel” Amaya

Doubutsu Monogatari (Animal Story)

Doubutsu Monogatari (Animal Story)

We have some exciting news for you today!

Acclaimed indie developer Daisuke “Pixel” Amaya of “Cave Story” created an exclusive piece for Press Paws! He recreated his heroes from “Cave Story” into pup pup heroes! This piece is called “Doubutsu Monogatari” (Animal Story) and is a 1 of 1 print on canvas that will be available for sale this Saturday! Want a chance to call dibs on this piece? You can claim the Indiegogo perk to get a first look on all the available pieces and 2nd dibs on a piece!

Daisuke Amaya is the award winning creator and designer of the beloved video game, Cave Story. Affectionately known as Pixel to his fans, Daisuke spent over five years to single-handedly develop the sprawling action-platformer. His partnership with developer and publisher, Nicalis, Inc., was announced in late 2008, with a 2010 release of a remastered Cave Story on Wii and DSi as well as the  Nintendo 3DS.

 Since the release of Cave Story, Pixel has co-developed and collaborated with Nicalis on various projects, such as Ikachan and Guxt, as well as developed new games independently. Daisuke graduated from HAL College of Technology & Design in 2000 and is currently developing with Nicalis, Inc. on various platforms.

Press Paws is this weekend and we still have a few tricks up our sleeve this week so stay tuned to our blog all week long!