Meet the Furry Stars!

WUDLADOGThis last weekend, we got to meet these 8 most sweetest and most loving animals we have ever met. When we heard some of their stories – what people say are true, animals are the most forgiving and regardless of what has happened to them in the past,  you look into their eyes and they are just beaming with optimism.

This is exactly why Press Paws was formed. To give these animals the 2nd chances they deserve.

Not only do we want to raise money for these rescues that give these animals second chances – we want to find these pups forever homes. We all wanted to take them home after we met them!

SUPER COMBO THANKS to Lisa Scarci for these beautiful geek photos!

If you are interested in giving one of them a forever home (you already know you have video games in common), please contact WUDLA  HERE.

Want to help in other ways? We have also hit our goal on our Indiegogo Campaign so anything moving forward will be donated to What’s Up Dog LA!

Spreading the word would also be appreciated 🙂


The Press Paws Team


tumblr_mdotbzbjzx1qdedm3o1_500WE DID IT! We made our goal of $3000 with 25 days to spare!  THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR ALL THE SUPPORT AND CONTRIBUTIONS!

The show isn’t even here yet and we are overwhelmed with the amount of love we have been receiving. Everyone has been reaching out to us to help where they can and we could not have done it without you all!

We have put together a SPECIAL THANKS page on our site for those who have contributed to make this campaign success so far! We know this list is just going to continue growing 🙂

PREVIEW: Jesse Riggle



When we first received this piece from Jesse Riggle, we couldn’t contain how excited we were about this piece. The body language on Mario and the facial expression on that cat is just absolutely priceless!

Jesse’s unique style and intricate detail has always made us happy so this piece was just the perfect thing to see on a Sunday night and get the week started with a smile! It’s absolutely wonderful to be able to work with someone like Jesse!

Check out all of Jesses’ amazeballs work here!


MBxKinuko_PPBehold! The exclusive Meat Bun shirts for Press Paws!

This beautiful piece is called “Walking Mira” drawn by the incredibly talented Kinuko. It’s been an honor working in collaboration with Meat Bun, our favorite apparel company! For those who don’t know what this is in reference to, watch this clip!

Want to get your hands on your very own shirt? You can purchase them at the event or for those who can’t make it to the event, you can secure your very own shirt along with other Press Paws swag on our Indiegogo account with a $75 contribution.


Cait Sith

Cait Sith

Check out this awesome piece from Leen Isabel from Girls Drawin’ Girls! We always appreciate a good FF interpretation since many of us at Press Paws worked at Square Enix for years and we have a squishy spot for Final Fantasy!

Leen also contributed an article about Press Paws on Geeks Girls so check that out as well!!


PREVIEW: Samuel Ho


Who would have thought a zombie pup could be so adorable! Only Samuel Ho can create a piece that  make you go “awwww” over a pup chillin’ on a severed zombie hand 🙂

We can’t tell you enough about how incredibly lucky we have been with all of our artists! It’s been like a dream working so closely with people like Samuel who we have been following and admire!

Thank you for all the love, support, and believing in us! We promise to put on a great show!

Check out Samuel’s other work here!

PREVIEW: Aaron Jasinski


When I think Master Chief, I immediately think Shih Tzu with a red bow. I mean, seriously folks, what other breed would he honestly own? When he isn’t busy saving the universe, he is busy rescuing dogs!

Aaron Jasinski‘s off beat humor in his art has always been something we loved and was over the moon when he accepted to work with us on Press Paws!

You can check out all his amazing work here!

PREVIEW: Kiersten Essenpreis

5_K_Essenpreis_PPWe have been seeing a whole lot of dogs here but we have a little something for the turtle lovers! Check out this piece from Kiersten Essenpreis. Let me tell you, her pieces always make us smile.

We were first introduced to her after seeing her amazing He-man pieces and we have been hooked ever since.

You can look at all her work on her website with an amazing url. HOW COULD YOU NOT LOVE HER?

PREVIEW: Jude Buffum

3_J_Buffum_PPAny Boston Terrier and Double Dragon fans out here? Because this piece called “Double Doggin’ ” by Jude Buffum is just pure genius.

We have been following Jude’s work for years and we can’t believe that we are now working so closely with him! It all began with our mutual love for Boston Terriers…

You can check out all of Jude’s amazing work here and check out his new piece he did for Hitman Trilogy here!

Only a month left!

We only have one month left till the show which means only one month left to contribute to our Indiegogo account! And check out the new video we just added!


Not only do you get cool perks but this can be your way of contributing to the show! All contributions in excess of our goal will go to What’s Up Dog LA!

SPECIAL THANKS to our friends at Secret Powers for putting together our Indiegogo video! Oh and thank you for designing our logo too 🙂 If you want to watch some of their other cool videos, check them out here on their Vimeo Page! 

Also BIG THANKS to Ian Stocker for providing one of the music for the video.

Album: Escape Goat Powermouse Mix Collection
Artist: Ian Stocker
Remix By: James McCawley
Track: A Wild Goat Chase